Startup idea – 100% real social platform – #Nofake

Present day social media platforms are full of invisible bullies who shout their frustrations and make the platforms unbearable to voice genuine issues

Are you thinking of starting a fresh new social media platform that has authenticated real members who are brave enough to share their identities and therefore can voice their true opinions in a fun-filled environment?

If so, reach out to [email protected] for developing this brand new social platform that combines good features of leading social platforms and presents a truly authentic voice on real issues that need real discussion across all levels of society in an amicable environment.

It will have fun features as well – like friend circles, disappearing messages, instant calls and messages and user driven innovation.

Preferred technology stack can be AWS, Azure, Google CLoud or IBM Cloud.

Core Architecture will be managed by you.

Back-office Tech team can be hired in India.

We will go together for funding this startup.

Nofake social platform allows real communication from real people

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  • Startup idea – 100% real social platform – #Nofake
    a fun-filled, fresh new social media platform that has authenticated real members with real opinions and real communicaiton.
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