Recession Proof Portfolio

How can you protect your wealth in these uncertain times? Is it even possible to Invest for the future under these conditions?

Mass disruption and rapid change are now the ‘norm’. Whatever the experts suggest, you must believe in what you do. Here is my approach

Diversify between India and UK, between Property, Stocks and Fixed Income Instruments

If you are a small Business

Would be worth if you start thinking about selling your Goods, Products or Services in India.

I have expertise in setting up small, mid-size companies in India and can support you at every step.

If you are an Individual

I have invested in Indian Residential Real Estate to generate a passive income and to Invest for Growth.

I can share my experiences with you, if that helps.

You may hire me for a fixed fee or enter into a partnership.

I choose lowest possible Risk, Preserve Capital, Invest for Long term Growth, Take Short term growth bets with money that I can afford to lose, to be in full control of my Investment at all times. Here is what I did to build and hedge my portfolio.

  • Currency and Country Hedging: Between UK and India.
  • Assets Allocation: Between Property and Stocks
  • Liquidity and Access: In liquid instruments

Here is a summary of short term liquid investment in stocks, Funds and Reits, which in itself has a healthy geographic hedging.

UK has a mature investment advice environment so I will not dwell further. If you wish to Invest in India to hedge your risks and/or to grow your UK-India Business, then here are a few options available.

I have Invested in Top Quality, Residential Real Estate in Delhi National Capital Region:

  • Independent floor(s) in a low-rise block (3-4 floors)
  • Independent House
  • I don’t like to invest in high-rise flats

There are several investment opportunities in and around Gurugram, Haryana. If you know the region, are eligible to Invest in India as an NRI / Individual or as a Foerign Investment Company – you could consider these. I can share my experience, should you need it otherwise the process is pretty stright-forward in itself and good local, established firms will guide you through.

I had setup a New Business in North Indian States of Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi National Capital Region, later sold to Investors

Being there and having done it myself, I know the potential, intricacies and how to make it work. I can help you, for what it’s worth, setup your Business in India and get access to the world’s fastest growing and most reliable market.

  • Setup a new Manufacturing facility in an Industrial Estate or buy an exising one.
  • Setup a New Services Organisation
  • Become your equity partner, depending on the type of Project.

To help you Invest in Indian Real Estate or to setup a New Company in India, Just drop a note on [email protected] with your requirements and plan

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