Get 8% return on £100m Investment

You have £100m to Invest in tangible real assets based Business and your aim is to earn a respectable 8% to 10% return on your Investment.

I have the world experience to create such a profitable business.

Together, we can deliver 8% to 10% returns on your Investment.

Business Plan: Create #1 Retailer for Indian Groceries in UK and export British food to India.

Import Indian grocereries into UK and supply directly to Indian stores (B2B), consumers (B2C)

Develop and/or Tap into existing food and drinks distribution networks across UK and India

Export British agri produce, drinks, dairy products, processed food to India (B2B, B2C)

Look closer, and you will find 3 businesses hidden in this plan, as below

  • #1 Indian groceries in UK: can be expanded to world foods
  • UK based distribution network: can be expanded to multiple products
  • #1 British food & drinks exporter: export worldwide at half the cost

You will be 100% owner with full oversight and control.

I will bring in top team to deliver on salary, fixed-term contract.