Export Namkeen Atta Rice Daal Masale to UK

Are you a manufacturer or Exporter based in India? Do you want to directly export and sell your goods across UK?

If Yes, we are willing to partner with you and setup a small warehouse & distribution centre in UK to promote your brand and sell your products.

If you are a Manufacturer or Distributor/Exporter

  • First step is to hire a small warehouse and disribution centre in UK to receive your container shipment
  • Then, Sell the first few containers at heavily discounted prices to build a shop-keepers’ customer base
  • Eventually, be able to pack directly in India and ship directly to UK shops based on orders

we can setup a 50-50 joint venture to help you sell your goods directly to shop owners and consumers across UK, feel free to connect with [email protected]

So, if you are an India based manufacturer or Groceries Exporter, this is the perfect time to launch in UK.

See for yourself, how popular and expensive namkeen, sweets, atta, basmati rice and masale are in UK. Dal is equally expensive.

If you are an investor

..looking to setup your next big venture and need someone in UK to spearhead the planning and launch of cross continental operations, feel free to connect with [email protected] to setup an integrated factory to dining table operation.

London is the hub and we are the spokes, spread across UK. If we join hands, we can generate jobs, commerce and growth all around us.

Based in UK, Rahul Yadav has consulting experience gained over 20 years across UK and Europe, working with Global Fortune 500 companies. Contact me on [email protected]