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Do you need a Digital Transformation Partner in UK?

Transform your Business. Go Digital. Reach your Customers first and operate online just like your bigger competitors.

If you want to transform your Business using digital tools and technologies but not sure about the huge costs involved – then we can offer you a Partner model.

If you are a small Business Owner in UK

  • We will invest in your Business, as equity partner, and lead digital transformation to grow your Business
  • We can also modernise your Business for a flat-fee of around ~5% of your gross turnover providing IT as a Service.
  • If you’d rather spin-off your IT operations, we can invest in the new spin-off as you JV partner.

We will cover all the above points and support your Digital Transformation by linking our Earnings with Yours’

Option 1 – As your Equity Partner

In lieu of providing you Technical and Business Consulting for Digital Transformation of your Business, we will take a small equity stake in the company and help you grow your business, as your true Business Partner, typically ~20%

Ideal for Businesses upto £10m turnover

Option 2 – providing IT as a Service for a flat-fee

From just 5% of your Revenue, we provide IT as a Service. So, if your turnover is £30m /year, we will provide you IT services from £1.5m /year. No need to hire, maintain and worry about IT resources and IT applications.

Ideal for Businesses upto £50m turnover

Valuations of IT companies are sky-high. Your new IT spin-off may soon become more valuable than your existing Business.

Option 3 Spin-off IT operations, with us, as your JV Partner

Divest your entire IT Dept into a separate company which we will run for you on a 5-10 year contract, providing you IT as a Service for a fixed annual amount, typically ~5% of Revenue and with you as a stakeholder in the newly-formed company.

You get to own a Technology company without the daily IT headaches.

Ideal for Businesses with over £100m in turnover

What do we bring?

  • Technology Direction
  • IT and Business transformation expertise
  • Digital transformation using latest technology platformsexpertise
  • Access to India back-office
  • A team of experts
  • Technology Investment to modernise your Business
  • Ability to compete with large businesses

Which Technology platforms?

  • Salesforce
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Digital Marketing
  • e-Commerce
  • ERP, CRM, Supply Chain
  • Data Analytics

Partner with us for Digital Transformation of your Business

Key elements (People + Process + Technology) to grow your Business?

  • Office Automation – Fully leverage Microsoft 365
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • e-Commerce platform
  • Digital Marketing
  • Automation of Sales, Service, Marketing, Supply Chain, Distribution and Operations
  • Growth Strategy to Sell more and generate more profits
  • Expand your Business to new markets and scale your Business
  • Professional support as your Growth is tied to our Growth

Need to discuss? talk about the challenges your Business faces today and want to hear about what transformation options and growth levers are available?

We are here to help you

Don’t hesitate. Get in touch. First consultation is on us. No charge for having an open honest conversation lasting a couple of hours.

If you are an Indian Tech Company looking to enter UK

Setup an IT company in UK

We can setup a JV company and open an office in UK for Sales and Marketing. Be prepared to invest in Marketing efforts for at least 1-2 years. Not ideal for companies who do not wish to setup local UK offices or hire in UK

Ideal for an Indian IT company having turnover in excess of 100 crore

Based in UK, Rahul Yadav has consulting experience gained over 20 years across UK and Europe, working with Global Fortune 500 companies.

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If you are an ace Sales Professional and know small and mid-size companies that can benefit from this unique Partner offer, feel free to contact me. Lets help small and mid-size companies achieve full benefits of Digital Transformation using a true outcomes-based Business Partner model