Promote Coding and Product Development in UK

New Technologies in areas like Robotics, AI, Machine learning, Automation require extensive coding skills.

The UK has long been understood to be a critical hub in the global tech ecosystem and a strong economic performer

If you have the skills and aspire to run your own company, then this is a good time to start remotely and develop the business.

You could be based anywhere in the world. It’s a good time to explore your options.

So, if you are an expert in coding with a few products already developed, this is the perfect platform.

If you are an investor looking to setup your next big venture and need someone in UK to spearhead the planning and launch of cross continental operations, feel free to connect.

London is the hub and we are the spokes, spread across UK. If we join hands, we can generate jobs, commerce and growth all around us.

Based in UK, Rahul Yadav has consulting experience gained over 20 years across UK and Europe, working with Global Fortune 500 companies. Contact me on [email protected]