Setup AgriVoltaics project in UK

Hydroponics is very energy intensive and requires constant monitoring to maintain optimal temperature, humidity, light and water flow mechanisms.

Thankfully, advances in Solar Power generation and battery storage solutions has made small or medium Hydroponics’ operations commercially viable – known as AgriVoltaics.

It is now possible to setup an off-grid Hydroponics system by combining Solar Energy and Indoor farming.

If you are an Investor,

..looking to setup an integrated indoor farm to produce ginger, green herbs, vegetables and fruits using a captive solar power generation, then feel free to connect with [email protected] for a 50-50 joint venture.

If you already own a hydroponics or Solar energy business and ready to get into AgriVoltaics,

..feel free to connect with [email protected] for a 50-50 joint venture

Based in UK, Rahul has consulting experience gained over 20 years across UK and Europe, working with Global Fortune 500 companies. Contact me on [email protected]

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